Vision For Future

At Whole Families our vision for the future includes but is not limited to:


  • Continuing to help each individual, couple, or client find the freedom in Christ as we have been.
  • Filling the need to provide support and encouragement for pastors and leaders, and alumni of the intensive week of counseling. This is already taking place in our first Pastor/Leader retreat in September.
  • Filling the need for more seminar support for local churches in communities across the nation and now the world as those requests are increasing. This is under way already!
  • We want to provide more specific video teaching of the principles accessible on this website.
  • We want to provide the deeper training for counselors and leaders to use these principles in their communities everywhere to duplicate this work.


Brads Special Vision

I have had a special vision to become more self-supporting in ministry. Having had the opportunity to work side by side with inventor/fabricator my late father Elmer Reinke, one of my other loves is to work with metal and design. Some years ago I had the idea to start “Means Mfg.”. Its purpose would be a means to be more self-supporting in ministry. I have a farther hope to support missions around the globe with the profits from this business. God has already provided several well-developed items along with several other unique ideas that may be the beginning of this becoming a reality. My prayer and goal is to start and operate this business completely according to Biblical design. This would mean starting and operating with out debt. Being a blessing to this or some other community and every entity involved. Producing the highest quality product at a reasonable price, and warranting and servicing these products with excellence. Please pray with me that God would give me each step in birthing and fathering this vision so that He is glorified in all of it.


I am grateful to have been called to parent younger children in my older years. I am grateful to now operate in this call to counsel in this ministry. I am grateful to function in this WCC church leadership. I am very grateful to thrive with my wife now of 38 years and now to be blessed with grandchildren. Having 24 hours daily to use I especially do not want to have misplaced priorities that causes dishonor to God by leaving anything already involved in undone. I am personally ok if this never becomes a reality but if it is a tool that God wants to use then I will walk it out. Several weeks ago I awoke in the night and had dreamed about each of the items that will be needed for manufacturing. Some of those items needed were a building, press break, robotic welder, drill press, and powder coat system. In the dream the impression that I got was that it would be so natural to have different persons that wanted to be involved, purchase each machine and then we would pay them for the parts produced. Because my son works in that field he has told me that there are very good buys in used machinery now. Thus there would be no borrowed money and each owner has real property that they own out right. Several men and women that God has placed in our life have faith that this idea should move forward and that the ideas/designs are excellent.  I felt prompted to put this out there for food for thought to you the reader. Please pray with me for direction, wisdom, and timing!  For more information or to comment please Contact Us.

Kuka robotic welder will be used to weld the intricate corners and seems of the product.

Press brake would be used to bend the parts of the products.

Drill press will be used to accurately drill precision holes for pivot points of the product.

Plastic coating ovens and application devises will give the high quality durable coating needed for the product.

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