Faith Based Counseling

for Troubled Marriages & Individual Problems


We at Whole Families ask for our "daily bread" we notice

that God humbly uses your hands to answer our prayer.




Whole Families Inc. understands that there is only one Wonderful Counselor!  It is our mission and commitment to be an instrument of God in the lives of every precious client that God sends to us. With God's wisdom we are committed to find and care for the root causes of emotional pain and suffering and lovingly lead each client to Biblical spiritual freedom. We know that the bible has the answers to the root problems so that we do not focus on trying to change only the symptom. God knows our hearts perfectly but we do not. We then partner with God to set the captives free. (Isaiah 61: 1-3)

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Whole Families has been working in the Biblical counseling sector for over 20 years and has had the privilege of working with 2,000 plus clients from 40 states. This has given us a wealth of education and experience to offer our clients. Find out more about our training and the history of this ministry. Feel free to Contact Us at any time to find out more about our approach to the healing of the heart.

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Brad is in the office by 7:45 am CST to make, receive, and return calls Mon -  Thurs. Fri. at 719-783-2525. Due to call volume and Brad's desire to answer your call personally, you may not always be able to reach him so please leave a voicemail or email message and I will return your call. 

What can I expect in a counseling session?

Some of the happiest people on earth are those that can serve others without thinking of themselves while they do so. The reason that we cannot serve in that way is usually because we are in too much emotional pain ourselves. Because of that hurt we start to focus on ourselves either; because the pain is too great or we try to keep ourselves safe from getting hurt even more. From this self-focus we have a hard time even seeing anyone else around us much less the problems that they need help with.

The true help in counseling will get the hurts, guilt, self-hatred, and condemnation dealt with. We will then be able to notice and give of ourselves selflessly to that hurting world around us made up of our spouse, family, and those close to us. Only then can we experience the joyful fulfillment of a life of service.

First Things First

As we seek the order of the process of counseling, the first and most important issue to be looked at is the issue of emotional pain from past to current. Pain or the need to keep from having that pain added to in our lives then causes some of the problems that become insurmountable leaving us in a quandary or numb as to where to go or what to do from here. This counseling will seek to understand each event of pain to date and explain how the pain is there, and then give direction in prayer, inviting Jesus into each event and asking Him to make sense of the event, answer questions, ask and ultimately bring peace to that painful event so that it no longer has any memory.

As this is taking place this counseling is also teaching complete dependence on the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and His promptings and not dependence on the counseling or counselor.

Then the Rest

As the emotional pain is being understood, as explained in the previous paragraph, and in the events that caused it, we will then dispense of guilt, shame, condemnation, heaviness, self-hatred, bitterness, accusations of the enemy, and feelings of worthlessness. This counseling with the guidance of the Holy Spirit must bring in these issues to finish doing business with your creator and invite the completeness of peace to the clients’ heart.

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