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We believe that the pages of a healthy life have special meaning and constitute an evolving life story with chapters containing the human character of integrity, compassion, and fruit of the spirit, peace, joy and wholeness of heart.
We offer a safe refuge where individuals are encouraged to identify and connect with Jesus so that they can become instruments of His in the lives of those whom they care for, and their environment.

We have been working for over eleven years now, five in Westcliffe after establishing the ministry and operating in the state of Nebraska 6 years before that.  As clients come with a respect for the Word of God, and a willingness to open their hearts fully to do business with God, we are able to offer our clients a higher than average success rate.

Pastor Brad Reinke Counselor

Biblical Counseling Model

As an assistant to the pastor, church, Christian individual, or couple, we are not as interested in the sin that people are involved in as we are the pain that they are covering with that sin.  Not all sin is caused by pain. The three sources of pressure to sin are the devil, the world, and our flesh. If we just deal with the sin issue and do not care about the pain being covered there cannot be a lasting solution. Whole Families is committed to understanding the pain of each client in a very personal and private intensive multi day setting. We will care about that pain through the miracle of inviting Jesus into each part of the pain and asking Him to heal the pain, and bring peace to where the pain once was.  Having dealt with the pain in this way there is no more need to cover the pain in sinful ways such as bitterness, sexual sin, Pride (self-pity) drugs, alcohol, or hypocrisy (living a lie).  We then assist in a word for word prayer prayed out loud and in the counselor’s presence, repenting of each sin to have a clear conscience before God and men, to put the enemy on notice of that repentance and give the client a witness against the accuser of the brethren (Satan).  Our goal is to continue to assist the client to maintain the lasting peace through their life and teach every part in such a way that they can apply the principles themselves and teach their world those principles from their experience. We endeavor to provide this at no obligation to the client. Those that believe in the limitless power of God to solve human problems faithfully support this ministry and also those friends who have received help and want to help others receive that help.

Pastor Reinke was called to the biblical counseling ministry, and established Whole Families Counseling, twenty+ years ago.  While the Reinke family attended LBCF for twenty years, senior pastor David and his wife Lavena Sellers identified this calling on Brad's life and directed him to seek education to that end. He was trained and made ready for this work in part by twentyfive years of the deep teaching of Pastor/Teacher David Sellers. Further in-depth training came from Pastor Jim Logan of Iowa and Pastor John Regier of Caring For The Heart in Colorado Springs, CO. Brad has had the privilege of working with more than 1500 clients from 35 states with marked success.


Whole Families, Inc. began the process of incorporating in the state of Colorado in 2010 while still operating in the state of Nebraska. All of the necessary paperwork and requirements were completed and the IRS granted a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) status in mid-2012.


In 2010, Pastor Reinke’s counseling ministry, Whole Families Inc., moved from Nebraska to Westcliffe, Colorado, then back to Nebraska in 2019.  Pastor Brad had served as a board member and spiritual leader to the congregation of WCC since January 2012.

Brad's family and the ministry has returned to his home state of Nebraska and operates out of a home office at 1200 N. 100th St. Lincoln Nebraska. 

Brad's areas of expertise:

Reinke Family including Grandchildren

Board of Directors

David and Lavern Dahl are long time friends of the Reinke family. David has been an accountability partner for Brad for 20 years and is now serving on the board of directors of Whole Families, and has been since its beginning. David, thank you for your service!

Pastor Dan Dovidio was invited onto the board of directors after WFI moved to Colorado. Pastor Dan replaced a former WFI board member after that board member deceased. We are thankful for the dynamic that pastor adds to the board.

Mentors of the past

Pastor David & Lavena Sellers were the pastor of Little Blue Christian Fellowship. LBCF became the Reinke's family church and spiritual covering as God moved them to that spiritual address twenty years ago. The spiritual insight, depth, and way to study taught by the Sellers has been valuable in the success of WFI.

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