Couples Counseling

Marriage is a very sacred covenant made between a male, a female, and God. God designed this relationship to be a very fulfilling and fruitful one. We at Whole Families have found that those couples that are married any number of years and now struggling and are hurting may have started on a weak foundation. Many of those individuals have been hurt deeply before they were ever married leaving them with damaged hearts. The damage to that heart may still be tender. When a spouse then touches the same pain, they may cause a reaction that does not make sense to either of them. The counselor will seek to find that pain of the past to current, including that pain caused by the spouse most recently. This will all be done in each others presence unless for a short time one or the other does not feel safe to process what is on their heart in the presents of the other. We will then take that pain to the Lord in prayer for healing and then teach each to forgive their offender. When both the husband and wife have done business with God to His standard, the counselor will carefully teach both of them how to care for each other's hearts.


The need to learn and pay close attention to this heart care cannot be over stated. God designed each human both male and female to need emotional care by another human. This design in marriage is to be met by each spouse. Whole Families will not only teach each individual in the counsel itself how God cares for their hearts, but will then give them practical helps such as certain questions to be asked daily of one another. The only one that knows the heart perfectly is God thus there is a imperative need to communicate with Him about how best to be a servant to your spouse. This is all a part of having your pain cared for by Jesus, and genuine forgiveness in place so that you can be a selfless servant in your marriage.

Who can benefit from couples counseling?

  • Loving couples wanting to improve their relationship.
  • Dissatisfied couples wanting to improve their relationship.
  • Engaged couples looking for insight into a healthy marriage.
  • Couples considering separation or divorce.

We focus on the following areas in our couples counseling:

  • Marriage issues
  • Premarital consultation
  • Emotional intimacy issues 
  • Relationship problems
  • Separation


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