Parent/Child Counseling

Changes within the family or changed relationships hit adolescents particularly hard. Different from adults, adolescents cannot draw on positive solution strategies from their past.


Many times a child problem is a parent problem at least until the early teens. It is important for the parents to get help before or at the same time as the child. Sometimes the child is ashamed or feels unsafe sharing with the parent or in the parents' presence. At these times it is beneficial for the child to have a safe place to expose and process their heart issues with a safe counselor.

What is important when working with a child is to form a working alliance with the child's parents or caregivers. It is necessary for us to have proper permission from the parents where applicable. To achieve positive changes, the child's environment is just as important as the work we do in counsel. Parents and family members should work on trying to understand the problem just as much as the child to be able to create a positive foundation for relational success. If you get and keep the heart of your child you will know everything else that is going on in their lives!

Our counsel for children focus on the following areas:

  • Understanding their pain and frustration 
  • Taking each facet or event to Jesus for healing
  • Teaching them to forgive each offender
  • Teach them to forgive themselves
  • Make arrangements for protection where necessary 


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