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As a Pastor, I often hear the words; "There is no hope for me or my marriage." At the root of this claim is a profound mistrust of our Savior's love. Brad Reinke seeks to address the pain and mistrust behind those words by ushering people into the healing presence of Jesus and seeking His counsel for the restoration of each individual to the wholeness for which we were created. For married couples, after the individual wholeness is in place, this means seeking full restoration of the marriage as a reflection of Christ and the Church. As a single, Brad brought me to a place of recognizing the healing presence of Jesus that removed the shame, guilt and power of the condemning past. Jesus has the answer for the pain and sin causing the lack of joy and fulfillment in relationships of all sorts, and I readily and without reserve recommend Brad Reinke and Whole Families Ministries.

Pastor - Baptist Church


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